Welcome to my world and my private travel blog.  

I am Kerstin and my passion is traveling, food, fashion and all the beautiful things life and mother earth has to offer.

So here I am now, to inspire you and to let you benefit from all the personal tried and tested vacations, hotels, restaurants and trips that I made.

Life is to short to be wasted and to sit at home or spend your time at a frustrating job, so I decided to spend most of my time traveling. As my natural curiosity never seems to find satisfaction, still traveling on one side of the world, I already think about the next adventure or the next city trip, anything that can feed my mind with new impressions.

Within the last 10 years my interest in travels became more specific, besides culture and landscapes, the search for the perfect beach and the most cosy little bay, I developed an interest in architecture and design, followed by art and of course finding absolute indulgence in food and wine.

I am borne and I live in Germany, a perfect base to earn some money and to reach everything in Europe in a short plane hop, or a short car drive. But no matter where the world and my journey takes and leaders me to, the place where my heart belongs is Cape Town!

Here I spend each year 6 weeks in wintertime (it´s their summer) since 14 years in a row. By now we are a bigger community from people from all over Germany who come down every winter and connect and spend quality time together. Sporting, barbecue, wine tasting, long lunches, chilling and enjoying life together.

One of my passions are sandy beaches and turquoise water. So I spend several years kitesurfing around the world (when I was much younger ;-)) But it wouldn´t be me, if that would have been enough, so last year I started sailing which became my absolute new passion, cause what is nicer to be together with your friends or loved ones on a boat and enjoy nature, tranquility, food and wine on deck? And what is the nicest thing to do when you are at some beautiful cenot or reef? Scuba diving.

So here I am, stocking up my sailing and boating licenses and did my open water diver. So many new adventures are out there waiting for me to experience, and of course I will share my adventure here with you afterwards.

After all, my main ambition is to find the newest, coolest, stylish, hottest and most trendy locations, boutiquehotels, restaurants, beach clubs , bars.…. so you will safe a lot of time  searching the internet, you will find it all here.

I herewith invite you to join me on my journey of life, and hope to inspire you to follow some of my footsteps.

Have fun,



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