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Every time when I go back to Marrakesh I find amazing new Ryads, which are Boutique Hotels and Restaurants, as far as the classics who attract millions of tourist, looking for the bohemian lifestyle. Not only the Souks with their traditional shops and manufactures give a lively and colorful touch, also the modern Riads, designed by Marrakesh lovers from all over the world ad to this modern and bohemian lifestyle and look. This time we stayed at Ryad Dyor, the perfect hideaway in the centre of the medina. not only the design was luxurious, also the hospitality was very convincing. You are master of time in order when you would like your breakfast, furthermore we got invited to a sundowner cocktail and moroccan appetizers on their roof top terrace, which you can also book for private dinners, lovely. From here you have a view over the city and in clear nights you can see the atlas mountains.

1. Jardin Majorelle


The first thing I always love to visit is Yves Saint Laurents private garden, which he decieded to open to the public and to share the beauty of it. An absolute must for everyone who loves cactuses like me. The garden and his holiday house is typical moroccan: colorful, blue, green and yellow will put you in a holiday mood right away. But Yves was not only a talented designer, he also was a talented drawer and painter, so you can admire his artwork right there.

2. Shopping

there isn´t anything more charming to just stroll through the alleys, the scent of herbs, homemade soaps and fragrances, corner shops with morrocan delights and street barbecues are just overwhelming and inviting to shop and to try a bit here and there. But of course there are some things you definitely should´t miss out:

Conceptstore of Max and Jan , their unique style of caftans and handmade jewelry made them successful with 5 stores within Morocco:

dress and necklace by maxandjan
dress and necklace by maxandjan
Caftan and necklace by maxandjan
Caftan and necklace by maxandjan

3. Cafe des Epices

an institution and the perfect location to have a relaxed lunch and to hide from the midday sun with spectacular  views over the medina.

4. Sightseeing stop at magnificent old school for koranic studys for boys: Ben Youssef Madrasa


5. Palais Namaskar

Palais Namaskar is for sure the most spectacular building in Marrakesh, located in the Palmeraie, between desert and the majestic mountains, even if it was build only in 2012. Either you choose this spectacular Palais for your accommodation, or you should at least enjoy the cuisine with organic produce for a relaxed garden lunch, or a fancy dinner. During high season there will be parties and glamorous events to be attended.

5. Dinner at Darmoha!

this is an absolute MUST!!! the most magnificent and spectacular traditional morrocan dinner location. Make sure that you reserve outside at the pool!!! Don´t let them put you inside, you will miss out this terrific atmosphere!!! Arrive early and have your aperitif upstairs, where musicians are playing traditional morrocan instruments before you dine at the pool side!

6. lunch or dinner at Riad Monceau

another highlight is Ryad Monceau. With morrocan- french cuisine and only a few tables around the pool, they create a romantic and idyllic atmosphere for newly weds or those who want to go back in time. Just beautiful! Restaurant chef Rahida Sahnoune offers cooking courses from 33€. Make sure you book in advance as they are very popular!

Riad Monceau
Riad Monceau

further restaurants for fine moroccan dining  I would recommend:

La Trattoria:

Le Comptoir Darne:

Le Foundouk: reserve at rooftop terrace!

a lovely pool lunch location is Maison Arabe:


I hope you dive into this very special world and enjoy these impressions as much as I do. I would love to hear some of your experience,

xox Kerstin

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