BVI’s the small little sisters of US virgin islands, a sailors paradise

preparing for anchoring
small Archipels

BVI’s what sounds like a dream, is a dream come true.

The nicest way to get around in the BVI’s is definitely by boat. We decided to charter a catamaran with a skipper and a cook for our 1 week trip. This was for sure the best decision, as a catamaran has a draft about 2 meters, you can come as close as possible to any beaches, reefs and snorkeling areas. A sailing boat has a much deeper draft and as some of the islands are surrounded by sandbanks and reefs, it would’t be possible to anchor as close at the beach, as close at the reefs and to swim and snorkel in these shallow areas. If you decide on a cruiseship, you can only get close to these little islands on daily excursion boats, but you definitely will miss out on the peace and tranquility that you can enjoy early mornings and after sunset on your own deck. During the day turquoise and aquamarine water seem like balm for the soul. Color and playful fish and curious and hungry turtles will be just a step away.

As we chartered our catamaran, we weren´t aware, that our boat didn´t have an air-conditioning, and during nighttime the air gets really humid and stays hot. Therefore we had to open all little windows that there were, in order to create some kind of ventilation. Now after solving this problem, another appeared and made it nearly impossible to find some rest, was the amount of hundreds of mosquitos which found a little midnight snack in us. So what do you do? Eather you get eaten up by mosquitos, or you suffocate….So make sure when you charter your boat, you definitely will have an aircon!!!

When the heat of the afternoon sun seems to cool down, people from the boats drive with dinghies to the beach and meet up for some nice sundowners. A definitely must is a stop at Willy T´s wooden boat bar on Norman island. This location is crowded every night by young and old folks drinking caribbean rum cocktails and dancing together  to caribbean rhythms and american sounds.

Besides that every Island has some individual charme, the most magnificent and mind blowing beach is called: The Bath on Virgin Gorda

The Bath on Virgin Gorda
The Bath on Virgin Gorda


Turtle time :-)
Turtle time :-)

Our 7 day boat excursion started in Tortola where we arrived by plane with seaborne airways coming from Puerto Rico. After another 30 minutes flying time we arrived and entered the catamaran. After sleepin on the boat the first night, we sailed of to our first stop in a bay on Peters Island, where we had our first and very yummy Painkiller 😉

This traditional caribbean cocktail is made with pussers rum, pineapple and orange juice, coconut cream, ice cubes and a yummy maraschino cherry, but the real cherry on top is a dash of nutmeg.

enjoying Painkiller on Peter Island Resort
enjoying Painkiller on Peter Island Resort

After sailing and snorkeling, finding a new anchor place in a different bay on a different island each day, we have seen

Peter Island

Norman Island

Tortola and Beef Island

Jost van Dyke

Virgin Gorda and The Bath

After all the trip was a wonderful experience, romantic idyllic peaceful bays, party time at Willy T´s, the only thing that didn’t satisfy my expectations was the variety of food.

The little supermarkets on Tortola don´t offer fresh fruit, brown bread or anything you would like for a healthy and balanced diet. Instead we had white toast, plain green salads and a bit of seafood.

For anyone looking for culinary delights, you will not find them in restaurants or anywhere else besides you do decide on a cruise ship, where they cater at other places than local food markets.

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